You can live wholeheartedly, with passion, purpose & confidence, whether or not that seems possible.
I can help you change YOUR story and experience freedom from pain, patterns & powerlessness.

There was a time when I thought that there was
NO hope for my future.

I was surviving day to day. I hurt all the time. 

The same kind of trouble seemed to happen to me over and over again. I felt like no matter what I did, I was powerless to make change happen.

I navigated my way through life with a broken heart, hijacked by pain and fear, repeating cycles of rejection, and believing that this was the best life had to offer.

I’m not living that way anymore.
I've gone from survival to struggle to stable to thriving, changing my story along the way. My pain and hopelessness are long forgotten and
I am now living in freedom.

I can help you experience that same freedom for yourself.

Freedom is possible for everyone who wants it, no matter how audacious that sounds! And I am excited to share with you how it can happen, and more specifically, how it can happen for YOU.

Here is the backstory...

Several years after walking through very difficult life circumstances that nearly destroyed me, I wrote a book to help others who were in similar situations. My desire was to provide  practical, tangible tools to help them walk out of trouble, pain and captivity. I wanted to help people who felt like life was happening to them take back control and begin to make their life happen the way they wanted. I named the book, “I Don’t Think So”, to express the change of mind that empowered me to find freedom from the rejection, fear, and abuse that had hijacked me.

Hearing the stories of lives that have been changed because of my book made it all worth it. At the same time, I’ve felt like the book was just the beginning and not the end of my journey of helping people change their story and experience freedom from pain, patterns, and powerlessness.

I’m no longer rejected, afraid or abused because
“I Don’t Think So."

I created a program where you can find freedom from pain, patterns & powerlessness.

Through my own journey, and through years of mentoring, discipling and coaching people, I discovered that information alone doesn’t change us. It’s when I’ve had the opportunity to experience or apply the information that I’ve become a different person. I also discovered that people who actually apply the information in an experiential way and receive ongoing support over a longer period of time, GO FURTHER AND EXPERIENCE LASTING CHANGE! For the past couple of years, I’ve imagined  creating a space where people could go on a  journey of discovery together, learning and growing throughout the year. I’ve wanted to create a program where people could experience lasting change in a community with like minded people.
So, I did.

What is Your Whole Hearted Life?

It is a place of encouragement and feedback where you can ask questions. It provides a way to stop living the same things over and over again and not knowing how to change it. It allows you to master this process, at your own pace, over time to experience true and lasting change. And that is why I want YOU to join this journey of transformation.

The program I created is called Your Whole Hearted Life and I created it so you can change YOUR story!

What are people saying about Your Whole Hearted Life?

How do you know if the
Your Whole Hearted Life program is for you?

Then Your Whole Hearted Life is designed just for you!

Your Whole Hearted Life is a journey of transformation made of a series of 12 Week Masterclasses.

Each Masterclass includes:


Connect with a supportive community in an exclusive, private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, express challenges, share wins, and celebrate and encourage other like minded individuals on the journey


Core content videos, impacting masterclass curriculum videos, experiential exercises, worksheets, tools & templates, focused challenges, group coaching and concluding prayer. 
(6 month access)


The Success Path is an empowering tool that allows you to understand the journey you are on, identify what stage you are presently at, focus on your next step and measure your progress as you participate in the program.

$497 or 3 payments of $197 (plus GST)

Self paced on demand, content ready when you are.

Opportunity to subscribe to the membership community at the end of the program for continued support and encouragement.  

Access to program videos & materials for six months (or as long as you have an active membership. 

I am excited by the possibility of what can happen through this program – how your life could be transformed.

I know this program will serve you as you are empowered to find freedom from pain, patterns, and powerlessness and become all you were created to be. The change that is possible is what excites me. That is why I’m up early with my mind filled with ideas & why I stay up late capturing one more thought. I’ve been SO inspired by the stories of those who have already been changed on this journey and I want to invite you to join me in leaving your past behind & learning to live wholeheartedly, in every sense of the word.

When we change, it is
not just our story that changes. 

Our marriages, our relationships, our children, and our grandchildren can all benefit from our transformation. This was one of my greatest motivators on my personal journey of transformation. Knowing that the choices I was making were creating a different future for my son and eventually my grandchildren made me passionate about pursuing freedom.  Today I can say it was so worth it.

The hard part was that I had to do most of it alone and figure it out for myself. Sometimes I wondered if I was making any progress at all. With Your Whole Hearted Life, you are not alone.  The Success Path clearly outlines for you where you presently are, and where you are going, and the milestones that will identify when you’ve accomplished each stage of transformation.

The process of joining together with like minded individuals and maintaining a tight focus has the power to bring lasting change.

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I can’t wait for you to change YOUR story and experience YOUR whole hearted life!

Are You Ready?

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happens February 2022.